UPP sponsors leading sector conference

On the 6 and 7 September 2016, the Universities UK conference took place in Nottingham and as well as sponsoring the event, we were delighted to host attendees at Byron Residence, Nottingham Trent University’s flagship accommodation.

Universities UK is the voice of universities, helping to maintain the world leading strength of the UK university sector. Each year, it holds a conference which is attended by leading figures from the higher education sector.

Rob McClatchey (Chairman), Jon Wakeford (Group Director, Strategy & Communications), Paul Marshall (Group Business Development Director) and Richard Brabner (Head of UPP Foundation) all represented UPP at this year’s conference. In addition to sponsoring the event, we were delighted to host attendees at Byron Residence, giving them to chance to experience first hand Nottingham Trent University’s flagship accommodation which opened in 2013.

Speaking at the event about the industry’s future, including the impact of Brexit, Jo Johnson MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science claimed that clarification on issues such as guarantees for EU students “are closely linked to [the] wider process of exiting the UK.” When pressed by vice chancellors as to whether there was “any hint” of when 2017-18 EU students might receive such clarification, he maintained the need for “very significant activity” on the part of Government, acknowledging there was a “burning need to provide clarity” and that he was working “as fast as possible.”

Johnson also used the conference as an opportunity to underline the importance of “working together” and “seize the opportunities that Brexit presents” in order to secure the best outcome for the UK.