Launch of new Group-wide behavioural approach to health and safety

UPP has launched a new approach to health and safety focused on boosting mindfulness and raising awareness of good behaviour among its 800 strong workforce.

To mark the launch, a series of interactive workshops were held at each of the Group’s partner sites and offices across the UK and hosted by senior leaders, including Group Chief Executive Officer, Sean O’Shea. Teams discussed how to mitigate safety hazards and recognise good behaviour through a culture of mindfulness and trust.

The campaign has been designed to be an alternative to the traditional structure of health and safety policy. Instead, it will prioritise the reinforcement of positive behaviour and focus on the need to promote engagement among colleagues about good safety practices, risk prevention and management. Whilst deploying this approach, the Group will maintain its current high standards of traditional Health and Safety compliance.

Michael Eady, Group Director of Health Safety and Environment at UPP said: “As we enter a period of expansion in terms of new build construction and continue to drive investment into the higher education sector, our health and safety function is central to our success and remains our top priority. We are committing to bold, aspirational goals over the next few years and will be providing the support and resources necessary to achieve this.

“Our vision is to build a culture of trust and mindfulness within our communities, where the environment, together with people’s wellbeing and safety is everyone’s responsibility. This strategy aims to generate a sense of safety leadership among our workforce and will signal a change in the way we lead wellbeing and safety within UPP. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees and students and we highly value their input and co-operation with our new approach to health and safety.”

The series of wellbeing focused workshops were held on 18 and 19 October 2016 and involved talks and videos to help generate discussion about the meaning of wellbeing and ways to identify health and safety risks in the workplace.