UPP Group Holdings Corporate Structure

The diagram above describes the corporate structure that supports the ringfenced security group, associated with Bond 1 Issuer plc, alongside other UPP Group assets.

Corporate Governance

UPP has established standards and procedures in accordance with best practice regimes set out in various statutes and regulations, including the UK Corporate Governance Code.

The Board recognises the importance of good corporate governance in creating a sustainable, successful and profitable business.

This includes reviewing internal controls, ensuring that there is an appropriate balance of skills and experience represented on the Board and maintaining relations with shareholders.

A history of innovation

Since 1998, we have been at the forefront of this exciting, growing market. Our unique approach led the way for others to follow, and our innovative approach to funding and trusted relationships with investors has helped to cement student accommodation as an asset class in its own right.

Having invested over £2 billion to upgrade university estates and deliver stable, long-term returns to our investors, we have the experience and support to deliver another £1 billion in new investment to the UK Higher Education sector, over the next three years.

Above, you can view some of the strides, milestones and groundbreaking partnerships that we’ve delivered in our 15 year history.

UPP Group Holdings Ltd Executive Board

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