To date we have invested over £2 billion into UK universities and plan to invest a further £1 billion over the next three years.

With around 35,000 beds in operation or development with 16 university partners, we are the leading provider of on-campus residential and academic infrastructure for UK universities.

Established in 1998, our unique long-term partnership approach means our needs are always aligned with those of our university partners; maximising student occupancy and delivering services of the highest quality.

Our business model recognises not only the inherent value of higher education to students, the economy and society, but also the longevity and stability of universities as businesses.

Sustainable Long-Term Returns

Bond Prospectus

UPP Group Ltd, the leading provider of on-campus residential and academic infrastructure for UK universities. In 2013 we launched our first, investment-grade rated, bond, UPP Bond Issuer 1 plc (a public company with limited liability incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with registered number 8255980). A corporate bond issuance of Senior Secured and Index Linked Notes, security is provided by seven asset companies, which are providing high-quality accommodation for students at seven leading UK institutions.

For more information regarding the issuance download the Prospectus.

Programme Information

Programme Information

UPP Bond 1 Issuer plc (the "Issuer") has been incorporated as a special purpose company for the purpose of issuing the Notes under the Programme.

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

The structure delivers stable long-term rental demand and earnings visibility. To see details, related to UPP Bond 1 Issuer plc, and its structure click here.

Financial Information

Financial Information

To find out more about our financial informaiton, reports and Asset Companies included in the bond issuance, download annual accounts here.

Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar

Noteholders and interested parties can find information related to announcements and timing here in the financial calendar.

Other Important Information

Funding models

Structured finance, institutional investors or capital market solutions, UPP continue to bring new funders into Higher Education; investors who recognise the attractive and stable returns offered by university infrastructure.


Our clearly defined strategy for growth is based on our mission to be the strategic partner of choice in the delivery of infrastructure and asset management services to UK universities.


The UK student accommodation market is underpinned by steady growth in demand for higher education.

Key Facts & Advisors

In our 15 year history we have delivered sustained growth and strong revenues, with average accommodation occupancy in excess of 99%.

Our Portfolio

Today, we employ over 800 people managing around 35,000 rooms in operation or development.

Our support, delivered in partnership, is helping 16 UK Universities to upgrade their estates, make best use of their physical assets, improve services and enhance the student experience.

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