About UPP

Our values

Our business is built on strong values. Our values help us to articulate how what we do, is different.


Partnership is central to the success of our business. Listening, responding, and delivering on our promises is absolutely critical.


Innovation is about making sure we can meet the needs of our partners now and in the future. From space utilisation to improving energy efficiency or student experience, innovation is key.


Student experience is about building strong and inclusive communities on and off campus. Community is a critical part of making students feel supported and integrated into university life.

Our Portfolio

Today, we employ over 800 people managing around 35,000 rooms in operation or development.

Our support, delivered in partnership, is helping 16 UK Universities to upgrade their estates, make best use of their physical assets, improve services and enhance the student experience.

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UPP Foundation

In 2016, we set up the UPP Foundation, a registered charity created to help tackle the biggest issues facing the higher education sector across the UK.

UPP is the sole funder of the UPP Foundation and, based on the current business plan, intends to invest £2.5 million over the next five years. UPP’s investment in the autonomous charity will increase as it expands and builds on its market leading position.

The UPP Foundation will award grants, which are authorised by its Board of Trustees, to universities, charities and other higher education bodies, in order to support the sector in tackling issues within four strategic themes:

It will also provide a public policy platform enabling sector leaders, experts and the wider public the opportunity to debate the future of higher education.

The UPP Foundation is supported by an Advisory Board made up of highly regarded sector specialists from leading UK universities, think tanks, industry bodies and Government.

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Our people

Work for us

Responsible people, treated with respect and fairness that you can trust to do their jobs well. In this collection of portraits and videos, hear from some of our people about their jobs in the context of our values and why they do what they do.

Emma Steer

Emma Steer

Former Financial Controller, UPP Residential Services Ltd

Our management team

Paul Milner

Paul Milner

Managing Director, UPP Residential Services Limited

The way we do business

We take our corporate governance seriously and comply with the principles of best practice set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council. We’re committed to openness and transparency in everything we do.

Our Code of Business Ethics

Our Code of Business Ethics outlines our minimum expectations for all colleagues, wherever we are based and whichever UPP business we work for.

“At UPP, we are committed to doing the right thing for our university partners, colleagues, shareholders, supply chain partners, the environment and our local communities. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is important that each of us understands the rules that we must follow and the conduct that is expected of us in order to do a great job and help UPP play a valuable role in society.

Our Code of Business Ethics is designed to help protect us as we go about our work for UPP. It provides a framework which draws together the policies and procedures that guide our conduct with our values and behavioural framework. Wherever we work and whatever our role, the Code is there to help keep us safe and protect the reputation of our business among all our stakeholders.

If you ever have concerns about your own conduct or that of another person, you must speak up straight away and talk to someone, which could be your line manager, members of Compliance or Human Resources or your local senior management team. We want to hear about it. It is essential that we create a supportive environment in which you feel able to raise concerns internally, which in turn will help protect and enhance the reputation of UPP.

I want everyone who works for UPP to be proud of our business and of our achievements for partners and the communities in which we are a part. Knowing our policies, applying good judgement, being honest and speaking up are just some of the ways that we can build pride in UPP and help build a stronger business for the future.”

Sean O’Shea,
Group Chief Executive Officer

Anti-Bribery Policy

We are committed to doing the right thing and to promote and maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in the way we operate. Our Anti-Bribery Policy is designed to preserve these values and to limit our exposure to bribery and corrupt practices.

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Our Gifts and Hospitality Policy sets out the standards that should apply to the acceptance and provision of gifts and hospitality.

Modern Slavery Statement

UPP is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all business dealings. Our Modern Slavery Statement sets out the steps that we have taken and continue to take to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place within our business or supply chain.